Sales PEER-2-Peer Network

Born in the Waterloo Region; Technology Capital of Canada.

The team is built up of proven top-performers across various industries, who have a passion for mentorship and building connections within Kitchener-Waterloo. All of our events are designed to fuel networking amongst sales people, crowd-sourced knowledge sharing, and offering unique tactics that have been validated in the market.   


PROFESSIONALS come to our events When They’re:

  1. Eager to learn proven sales tactics used to close more deals

  2. Looking for strategies to build a pipeline of market qualified opportunities

  3. In search of the most current sales tools & tactics used by top performers

  4. Starting a sales career and wanting to network and learn

  5. Excited to be part of a growing like-minded sales community

  6. In need for ways to mentor and motivate an already existing sales team